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We offer advice in the following areas:


Protecting your loved ones from the financial consequences of death or illness should be the cornerstone of all your financial planning. We can calculate what protection you may already have (from existing plans and work benefits) and work out what you are likely to need as your life changes through various stages (for example - young and single, married with children, at retirement).

We can research the most appropriate products for you, finding the best quality cover at the most competitive prices.

You may also need to protect a business and its key employees to ensure that it can continue to trade following a death or a period of accident or illness. Specialist products are available in this area and we can give you expert advice.

We add value by arranging plans in trust where appropriate to ensure that the proceeds go to the beneficiaries of your choice and do not form part of your estate for inheritance tax purposes.


You may be in the accumulation phase and looking to save for your retirement on a regular basis or interested to see if your existing plans are cost effective and offering good performance. We can review your old pension plans and give advice on transfers to modern contracts with more flexibility, lower charges and access to the very best funds. 

We will also calculate what you are likely to receive in retirement and help you to plan accurately for this time, do you know how much you need to save to have a comfortable retirement or do you want to retire early.

If you own a business you may be looking to set up a pension for your employees or review an existing scheme saving money and administration time. Again we can offer expert advice.

The ‘at retirement’ market is very complicated but we will guide you through the maze of products that are available ensuring that you have the maximum income and security. We will explain all the available options in a down to earth manner and help you to choose the most appropriate way forward.

Investment and savings

Whether you want to save fifty pounds a month or invest a million pounds you need to ensure that you pick the right investment for you.

We will explain the impact of risk and reward to you and start to assess your attitude to investment risk; from here we can select the most appropriate types of product taking into account your tax status, the term of the investment and access to your money. 

We tend to use investment platforms which allow us to pick the best funds from lots of different providers rather than being tied to a limited fund range. Some people want to grow their money as quickly as possible but some people are more concerned with security, we will build and manage a portfolio especially for your needs and requirements.

With any investment it is important to regularly review it and make any necessary adjustments. You will be pleased to know that we provide an ongoing service and advice contract to ensure that you get the very best out of your plans and that they remain on track to meet your goals. 


We are able to assist with residential mortgages and re-mortgages as well as buy to let and commercial lending.

We research from the whole market to find you the most appropriate deals with the best rates and lowest fees. We can also help with self build and raising capital for various projects. 

Wills and estate planning

This area of financial planning is often neglected and can undo all the hard work that you may have done over the years.

Your will instructions can be taken in a very short period of time and should be reviewed on a regular basis taking account of any changes in your circumstances.

Many people pay taxes that they don’t need, especially capital gains tax and inheritance tax, many people also pay for residential and nursing home fees when this could be avoided.

By making careful planning decisions and using all available allowances many of these taxes can be avoided, we can work out your tax issues and present solutions for you in most cases. A good financial adviser could save you many thousands of pounds in this area of financial planning.



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